Colucent Environmental provides meaningful and balanced outcomes through authentic collaboration.

What we do

We provide leadership in:

  • Strategic Environmental Consulting
  • Independent third-party environmental review
  • Guiding, developing and delivering complex environmental projects, programs and policies
  • Recognizing and actively responding to emerging challenges (e.g., climate change resiliency, ecosystem services, off-setting and mitigation banking)
  • Providing Expert Evidence at Hearings and litigation, and senior environmental expertise in mediation and settlement deliberations

How we do it

We think differently about complex environmental projects by:

  • Understanding the interactions and interdependencies between humans and nature
  • Treating all people with honesty and respect
  • Recognizing and responding to the much-needed shift towards collaboration in consulting and towards an understanding of our biases
  • Emphasizing and promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Keeping ahead of industry trends & emerging markets
  • Managing and delivering high quality and credible work that stands up to regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny
  • Standing and collaborating with all Indigenous Peoples
  • Adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as a guideline for reconciliation
  • Employing an authentic and fulsome approach to trans-disciplinary integration, bringing environmental, social and economic considerations together to create better outcomes

About the Founder

Tom Hilditch

During his 42-year career as an environmental consultant and Thought Leader, Tom Hilditch has worked principally in the areas of environmental impact assessment, mitigation planning, and ecological planning and design. He has gained substantial experience with international, national and provincial environmental legislation, policies, guidelines and permitting processes. Tom has assessed functions, features, corridors and species at risk in both glaciated and unglaciated landscapes, including, forests, wetlands, grasslands and coastal zones.

Tom’s first book, Becoming an Enlightened Consultant has been released by Friesen Press in the spring of 2022. In his book, Tom reflects on his 42-year career in environmental consulting and his personal and professional transformation through cancer treatment and recovery.

“Hilditch is a qualified and convincing advocate for the concept, and he makes it clear that being authentic on the job doesn’t conflict with delivering solid financial results.”

Adjective: glowing with or giving off light, together

Colucent Environmental moves away from the traditional approach to consulting, leaning into a place of innovation and authentic collaboration to create balanced and meaningful outcomes. Colucent Environmental functions in a transformational manner, working together with clients to shine a bright light on a positive path forward, hence the name, Colucent.

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